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roger dittmann Ph.D.



A nuclear physicist by training, Roger Dittmann is Professor of Physics Emeritus at California State University, Fullerton, where he started as an Associate Professor of Physics in 1964, and taught advanced courses in physics and philosophy. He served on the Executive Board of the World Federation of Scientific Workers (WFSW), in which he has been active since 1967, and has represented the WFSW at the United Nations. He presides over the U.S. affiliate of the WFSW, the U.S. Federation of Scholars and Scientists, founded in 1937 as the American Association of Scientific Workers, which is also affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He has also served as Chair of the Southern California Federation of Scientists, on the National Council of the Federation of American Scientists, as well as on the Executive Board of the Pacific Division of the AAAS. He has extensive international contacts and experience, including working with UNESCO.

Dr. Dittmann has also taught and/or conducted research at: Immaculate Heart College, University of the Americas, Mexico, University of Birmingham, England, Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, England, Institute "Rudjer Boskovic", Zagreb, Yugoslavia, University of Southern California, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Sussex, England, Max Planck Institute for Research into the Living Conditions in the Scientific/Technical World, Munich, Germany, College of the Virgin Islands, University of Zagreb, Yugoslavia and the University of Delaware.

Dr. Dittmann has performed research for: Lockheed Aircraft Research Laboratory, U.S. Navy [Point Mugu Naval Missile Testing Center], U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, General Electric, U.S. Army Chemical Center and Ford Philco Aeronutronics.


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